Unrestricted Access to InterQual® COVID-19 Criteria

With the current pandemic placing unprecedented pressure on all facets of the healthcare system, the need for appropriate utilization is more important than ever. Change Healthcare is proud to support the nation during this crisis by providing access to InterQual criteria related to managing COVID-19 patients.

The criteria span the full continuum of care across the following content modules: Acute Adult and Pediatric, Long-Term Acute Care, Subacute/Skilled Nursing Facility, Home Care, Durable Medical Equipment, and Medicare Durable Medical Equipment Powered by InterQual.

We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of all healthcare professionals, and are committed to supporting you. We hope that access to these criteria will encourage payer and provider collaboration and help ensure that scarce resources are used appropriately and effectively.

Accessing InterQual COVID-19 Criteria

If you are not a current InterQual customer, please register for access. If you are an InterQual customer, see below.

  • InterQual Cloud Solutions Customers: No registration needed. Access to the InterQual COVID-19 criteria is automatically available as of May 15. Please note that your user administrator may need to enable the COVID-19 criteria update.
  • InterQual Review ManagerTM, InterQual View, and InterQual Mobile Customers: Registration is required for those who have not yet upgraded to the InterQual 2020 criteria, or who do not license all the content modules listed above. Please note that registration provides access to InterQual COVID-19 criteria via InterQual Anonymous Review.

Fill out the form to register for access.