Revenue Cycle Optimization
Hospitals and Health Systems
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Revenue Cycle Optimization Webinar Series for Hospitals and Health Systems

Optimize your revenue cycle to align with the evolution of healthcare. Our 2019 webinars are designed to help your organization ensure clean claims, reduce A/R days, and decrease bad debt—while improving the patient experience.

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On Demand Webinars

4 Ways to Help Improve Self-Pay Collections and Reduce the Risk of Bad Debt

Now that patients are responsible for a larger portion of your bottom line, it’s more important than ever to deliver a payment experience focused on each patient’s unique financial needs. Our new webinar explores the four steps you can take to help improve self-pay collections.

5 Ways to Improve Charge Capture and Directly Impact your Bottom Line
(with Health Leaders)

As charge capture processes are typically decentralized, many organizations tend to overlook incorrect, missed, and inconsistent charges. Organizations with formal charge-capture programs report significant financial gains. Attendees will learn common obstacles to implementing a successful charge-capture program.

Uncovering Missed Revenue Opportunities Throughout the Revenue Cycle

To reduce bad debt and alleviate the financial pressures related to uncompensated care, hospital leaders should prioritize patient engagement and collections strategies—as well as ongoing revenue optimization. We’ll share key focus areas across the revenue cycle that can help your organization optimize reimbursement and collections.

Mining for Gold: Using AI to Drive Financial Return in Revenue Integrity Programs
(with Fierce Healthcare)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been surrounded by excitement for its potential to bring game-changing innovation and value to a wide range of technology applications. Today, healthcare organizations have a tremendous opportunity to harness artificial intelligence specifically for revenue cycle management.

AI-Infused Charge Capture: Let the Data Do the Work

Leveraging AI enables you to work smarter, not harder. In the area of charge capture, it can boost missing- charge identification to drive more revenue, without requiring additional staff or time. Learn how artificial intelligence can boost charge capture to transform your bottom line.

Webcast: Using Price Transparency, Self-Service to Tackle Patient Financial Responsibility
(with Xtelligent Media)

Hospitals and health systems across the country are noticing a significant shift in revenue sources. While the organizations relied on payers in the past for most of their revenue, hospitals and health systems are emphasizing the need to collaborate with their consumers.

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Price Transparency is Coming: Is Your Organization Prepared?
(with Health Leaders)

The intent of the June 24th Presidential Executive Order and future legislation is to better enable consumers to more effectively choose and pay for health services. While these changes may improve the patient financial experience, they will undoubtedly affect your revenue cycle, your workflow, and your overall operations.

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Price and Quality Transparency is Coming: What Does It Mean?
(with Becker's Hospital Review)

Up-front price transparency can help foster an improved patient/provider relationship and reduce financial risk for both. Learn about strategies and tactics that providers and payers can focus on immediately to help move the needle in healthcare transparency and overall consumer engagement areas

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