Reduce Costs and Improve Health Outcomes

Our SDoH Analytics Services use Change Healthcare’s deidentified claims dataset, now augmented by key factors such as financial stability, education level, ethnicity, housing status, and household characteristics, to reveal the correlations between SDoH, clinical care, and patient outcomes.

Payers, providers, employers, and life sciences organizations can use this data to better understand how attributes such as income, ethnicity, education, and household characteristics impact at-risk populations.

We offer three analysis options to help your organization reduce costs and improve outcomes:

  • Customized reports identifying SDoH factors impacting emergency room, inpatient, and outpatient visits across diverse population health segments.
  • SDoH data to optimize patient or member engagement.
  • Analysis of diverse data sets with a full range of statistical, querying, visualization, and model building tools within a secure, hosted environment with real-time regulatory compliance monitoring.

Change Healthcare operates one of the nation's largest datasets of deidentified claims and remittances. Contact us for details on how authorized healthcare stakeholders can use deidentified, aggregated data to help solve some of healthcare’s biggest problems.

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