InterQual® AutoReview with Predictive Analytics

Case and utilization management today is often reactive, manual, and inefficient. Clinical data can be hard to find and often available only after decisions are made. Manual processes, such as conducting utilization reviews, are time-consuming and prone to error. The ineffective use of staff time and expertise results in costly utilization decisions.

InterQual® AutoReview is a cloud-based solution designed to help resolve these inefficiencies. The solution applies AI to real-time clinical data extracted from the EHR to automatically create reviews for more than 90% of emergency-department admissions and populate 75% or more of the clinical data needed to complete a review. InterQual AutoReview also applies AI to predict the likelihood of whether a patient will be placed in observation or inpatient and whether the patient will require a short or long stay.

Our unique blend of automation, AI, and evidence helps case managers be more efficient, proactive, and insights-driven to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

Watch our on-demand webinar, "Modernizing Case Management with AI, Automation, and Evidence" to learn how you can make your case management program more efficient, proactive, and transparent.

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